Kelly Hughes – The Boulevard at Town Lake

IA reliable vendor is extremely important to any organization, especially a community that is under major renovations.  I wish I had found Indigo Painting much earlier than I did as I have experienced a level of customer service that I was not aware even existed.  The entire staff and Stan have been phenomenal to work with, the work performed is perfect, precise and our service team is very thankful that we use Indigo for a number of services.  Thank you Indigo for always going above and beyond any other vendor I have worked with.  Your professionalism and hard work has not gone unnoticed and we are thankful we get to work with you.

Liam Zapotechne – Director of the Ashton Austin

Indigo Painting and Cleaning is my “go-to” vendor. The level of quality needed for a building like the Ashton Austin is hard to find. Indigo is the only vendor on the painting and cleaning side that has an owner whose background is in property management. Their team understands the expectations of our clients and upper management. Having managed some of the most high-end buildings in downtown Austin, their owner knows what it takes to keep their clients happy. I use Indigo for unit paints and unit cleans. They do excellent sheetrock repairs, and I’ve even used them on large scale projects, such as corridor and stairwell painting. Every job was done to my satisfaction.


Their workers are professional and accurate, their quality manager does thorough inspections, and their owner ensures that if they say a job will be done to a certain standard, it will be done to that exact standard. I highly recommend Indigo to any property manager whose been searching for a reliable painting and cleaning vendor.