Our goal is to reduce your turn times, reduce Vacancy Loss and Increase Rental Income while simplifying the turn process for the onsite staff without increasing your current expenses. Allow us to show you the Indigo Advantage

Who we are?

Indigo is a professional Make Ready company providing luxury Painting, Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning services in Corpus Christi Texas. Specializing in apartments, Stan Smith started the company after 12 years of property management experience. We have a fleet of qualified, professional painters, cleaners and carpet cleaners on call to meet all of your needs.

Why us?

  • We reduce turn times
  • We reduce vacancy loss
  • We service 6 days a week
  • We provide 72 hour billing
  • We guarantee your satisfaction

We are good at

Carpet Cleaning
Make Ready
Turn Services
Mark RileyMark RileyLead Engineer, Post South Lamar
Just wanted to take a minute to thank Indigo for their efforts in always getting the job done. Finally a paint company that actually seems like they care and has a quality product. I use them for paints, cleans and carpet cleans now. It makes my job that much easier and saves me time and money. Thanks John and Stan!
Liam ZapotechneLiam ZapotechneDirector of the Ashton Austin
Their workers are professional and accurate, their quality manager does thorough inspections, and their owner ensures that if they say a job will be done to a certain standard, it will be done to that exact standard. I highly recommend Indigo to any property manager whose been searching for a reliable painting and cleaning vendor.


We have over 40 professionals in the field and are growing rapidly.




“There was a serious need to have vendors servicing the apartment industry whose owners or key management personnel have actually worked in the apartment industry and can fully understand the pressures and expectations of the modern day Property Manager and Service Manager.“

“We have built a company and culture with the onsite team in mind. Indigo strives every day to surpass your expectations not only for paints, cleans & carpet cleans but also continuously focuses on improving the scheduling and invoicing processes.”

“There is no other company like Indigo in Austin, let us show you the difference.”



“Indigo was built out of necessity! My 10+ years’ experience as a Commercial Flooring Technician and Stan’s 12+ years’ experience in the Multi-Family industry has enabled us to build a company that truly understands the needs for a Property and Service Manager. By offering all turn services through a single company we are able to reduce headaches, reduce turn times, streamline scheduling and reduce your turn costs. No project is too big or small! Allow us to show you the Indigo difference, you won’t regret it!”


A few of our clients


Call us today to schedule an appointment with our professional staff. We can quickly assess your needs and find the perfect solution for you. Fill out the contact form below or call now to tell us about how we can help you. We are available 6 days a week from 8am to 5pm.

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Monday – Saturday 8 AM – 5 PM

3636 S. Alameda suite B #413
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

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